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Hey guys, as part of our new blog reconstruction as well as tSn's involvement into the gaming world again, we would like to introduce you guys to Same Seat Gaming. We teamed up with Same Seat Gaming to help launch their Youtube and Twitch Channel. Team SKYNITE has always been about gaming and seeing these cool cats starting up, we figured it was a perfect time to help sponsor a local channel. 

Same Seat Gaming is all about that couch co-op life and playing games together as a couple. They been around Arkansas for as long as they can remember and their roots goes way back. Always loving anything gaming, they decided to go ahead with their new venture.

So with that, we decided to do a little interview so you guys can learn more about them before you dig into their channel and watch all their cool stuff!

Yo! Welcome to tSn. Let's get an interview going to let your new fans and old know what you are up to
Together We are Same Seat Gaming. 
Individualy we are Jaxon Nester and Tiffany Helmlinger. We've been married 11 years and together for 12.

What games do you like to play?
We're pretty much into any game if it's got a good story.  Our specialty on the channel is games that are either couch co-op or something we can work together on. Team work makes the dream work.

What made you want to start going into the content creating scene?
Basically we were sick of working for other people who wouldn't give us a chance to grow or work together. We decided to do this because we love video games and we love entertaining people. Most of all, we love each other and this would give us a chance to have a career where we could truly be partners and no one could say a damn word about it.

Have any influences/inspirations?
Probably sounds cliché but our biggest influences and inspirations are each other. Like Yin and Yang we keep each other in balance and empower ourselves. Hence the logo design.

Favorite games of all time?
Jax's favorite of all time is tied between The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
And Final Fantasy 7

Tiffany's is Super Mario World (SNES)

You guys own any pets?
We have 3 cats Ryu, Chester, and Misty
2 budgies or Parakeets named Cloud and Cojiro. We had one that died recently named Tifa RIP GIRL 
OH we also have a bamboo plant named Lucky

Pokemon or Digimon?
Digimon is a fantastic franchise but our hearts beat with Pokemon

You have any future plans with your channel?
Well the ultimate goal is to be able to pay the bills with it and also help the world with charity events 😀

Biggest dream?
Biggest dream is to make it big as a content creator straight up.
Have anything you would like to say for the blog?
To each and every one of you supporting us we thank you from the bottom of our hearts and its an honor to have the privilege to create for you. Remember to be good to each each other and spread love wherever you go. The world is ugly and full of hate right now and we need nothing but positive energy to drown out the negs. We hope the universe favors you all.


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