Posts releases new game!

 Hey guys, our development team has just finished their Visual Novel for NaNoRenO 2022 and I hope you guys are ready to rock and roll! I know we been quiet but we are currently working on stuff. A new podcast series, tSn at Home Season 2 WIP, and more games and music projects! Well enough about that; Here's a link for you to enjoy our latest game:

DJKNITEX in RE7 Speedrun

 He got 87th Place in the world for Easy New Game. Check out the run that got him there.

Hanging out with Same Seat Gaming

  Hey guys, as part of our new blog reconstruction as well as tSn's involvement into the gaming world again, we would like to introduce you guys to Same Seat Gaming. We teamed up with Same Seat Gaming to help launch their Youtube and Twitch Channel. Team SKYNITE has always been about gaming and seeing these cool cats starting up, we figured it was a perfect time to help sponsor a local channel.  Same Seat Gaming is all about that couch co-op life and playing games together as a couple. They been around Arkansas for as long as they can remember and their roots goes way back. Always loving anything gaming, they decided to go ahead with their new venture. So with that, we decided to do a little interview so you guys can learn more about them before you dig into their channel and watch all their cool stuff! Yo! Welcome to tSn. Let's get an interview going to let your new fans and old know what you are up to Together We are Same Seat Gaming.  Individualy we are Jaxon Nester and Tiff

Our New Blog

I forgot all about Blogger (blogspot) and been using WP for our blog awhile back but they didn't like having custom subdomains without buying theirs first (or you have to pay to use your own). So now we're migrating over and we'll try to be active now. We have a discord so check us out @ If you guys are ready, stay tuned because we got big news coming!